Email Marketing

An email’s subject line is as vital as the message contained within. Whether it’s the subject line, the imagery, or the text, every element of a marketing email must be carefully constructed to have the maximum impact; get one part wrong and your whole message could fail in front of your entire audience. However, there is no better of reaching and engaging with your audience than by email.

Emails need to look pretty too

A well-written email is nothing without visually engaging images created specifically to target your audience.

We can create HTML-based emails or design them within any platform you may already be using, for example MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact, or ACT!

Written content

Clicks, clicks, clicks; that’s what it’s all about!

To get to the goal of a subscriber clicking on links in your marketing emails, we first have to take them on a journey. It starts with a subject line to hook the reader and avoid spam filters. Then, the email’s content has to be engaging, inviting and perfectly matched to the visuals. Finally, the click.

Reach the parts social networks can’t

Not everyone is active on social media, but everyone has an email address.

Social media is often the first place companies go to for digital marketing, but time and time again, email has proven to be the most effective way to engage with an audience.

List & contact management

In the age of GDPR,  managing your contacts has never mattered more.

Maintaining a relevant and up-to-date list of your contacts is our task. We update new contacts, remove old email addresses, and ensure your email domain is kept off spam registries.

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