How SEO works in digital marketing…

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the complex, capricious use of algorithms search engines like GoogleBing and DuckDuckGo use to place content in search results. If you don’t know what search engines look for, they won’t know to look for your website.

Each search engine has algorithms that determine where a website, web page, social post, or social profile will appear in search results – understanding how each search engine categorises and presents results is the key to SEO.
If the content on your website is poorly written or copied, badly implemented SEO is the same as no SEO. Holton & Company will ensure your website is structured correctly, the images are properly titled, and all the other boxes are ticked to give you the best SEO score and page rankings possible.

Businesses without SEO

  • Undiscoverable website;
  • None or few website visitors;
  • Hidden Facebook Page;
  • Lost traffic/business.

Why SEO is important

  • Discoverable in search engines;
  • Ranked by quality of content;
  • Significantly improved relevance of search ranking;
  • Improved social media presence;
  • Lots more!

The SEO process:

  • Step 1.Identifying Problem Areas

    Keyword research means identifying the words used by your potential customers to search for your business. Starting with a broad set of search terms, we identify the words and phrases used by your target audience to search for your goods and services and those of your competitors.

  • Step 2.Analysis & Goal Setting

    Once we know where the problems lie, we can  start crafting a plan to improve what you already have and develop what you don’t. This involves setting specific goals and targets that integrate with your marketing and sales plans.

  • Step 3.Content Development

    Once we know the direction we’re taking your search engine optimisation, we can start creating content for your website and social media profiles. This could involve just tweaking what you already have, or it may mean creating a little extra to add some SEO sparkle to your online content.

  • Step 4.Website Optimisation

    This is where we take care of all the deeply technical aspects of search optimisation. We get under the bonnet of your website and ensure every part of it is optimised and working with the rest of your digital assets to ensure the best possible search rankings for every page and post on your website.

  • Step 5.Link Building

    Each new, quality link pointing to your website increases the likelihood of search engines’ spiders crawling across your website as well as humans looking for services or products like yours. Google views links to your website as a merit mark and rewards you with better placement in search results.

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