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The world lives and breathes social media, consuming content on an unimaginable scale. Staying relevant and consistent is exhausting and impossible when you have a business to run. Holton & Company have years of experience comprehensively managing social media accounts.

How social media works:

What does social media management involve?

Small businesses often lack the time or resources to maintain a consistent social media presence. Producing content, curating articles, following the right people and encouraging others to follow you are all necessary parts of the beginnings of a social media strategy, but it all takes time and serious planning. Our job is to take charge of all your social profiles, optimise them, manage them and keep them active and relevant to your audience.

Why outsource social media management?

Holton & Company came about as a direct result of the need for small to medium sized business who recognised the need for a consistent social media presence, but lacked the time or understanding to yield the results they wanted. It’s our job to stay up-to-date with the latest online trends and feed your social profiles with content that engages and showcases your company.

What is social media marketing all about?

Maintaining an active presence across your social media accounts is a major undertaking and pushing beyond the free elements of Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and the rest opens new horizons and spreads your message, services or products far and wide. Social media marketing allows your services to be showcased to the world in creative ways that constantly push the boundaries of what’s possible online.

How social media marketing works

In conjunction with your management team, we undertake the deep, technical nature of strategising, planning, and executing a successful marketing and advertising campaign across the best social networks for your market. Then, we provide you with a personalised dashboard to show the results of our hard work.

How can social media analytics help?

Holton & Company offer analytic solutions to help companies better understand their online performance. Accessing your online statistics can be confusing and familiarising yourself with the data from all your social networks and website is crucial when formulating marketing strategies and planning the direction of your organisation.

What do social media and website analytics measure?

Our custom-built dashboard displays key data in a simple, easy-to-read format. We provide a deep understanding of your web and social profiles without it being confusing, allowing you to make better marketing decisions. Your dashboard can be accessed from any device and you can view data for the last day, week, month, or any period that your accounts have been active.

Social Networking

A Global Phenomenon

Social networks allow businesses and customers to connect like never before.

People want more than to buy a product or service, they want to have an emotional connection to the brands they endorse with their spending power. What does your online presence say about your brand? Do you connect with your customers in a meaningful way?

Social Media Packages

Three simple plans to help you get started. All plans can be tailored to suit your company’s needs.



  • Account optimisation
  • 5 post per month
  • Comprehensive account analysis



  • Account optimisation
  • 10 post per month
  • Comprehensive account analysis
  • Weekly email with social network and website statistics
  • Facebook advertising campaign creation



  • Account optimisation
  • 20 post per month
  • Comprehensive account analysis
  • Weekly email with social network and website statistics
  • Facebook advertising campaign creation
  • 1x 600 word search engine optimised blog

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