There are few things more exciting than starting a business and building it into a profitable enterprise. However, as anyone that has taken the plunge can tell you, it’s not easy and only the most dedicated small business owners will succeed. To get a new startup into a profitable state, those at the coalface need to be super-organised and stay on top of every aspect of their business. What are the 8 best apps for startups? Thankfully technology has the answer…

  1. Productivity – Wunderlist

Wunderlist is the ultimate tool for managing your business and personal life. If you’re planning a party, sharing a shopping list, or running multiple projects at work, Wunderlist will help create, manage, and tick off the essential to-dos in your life.

2. Communication – Slack

Slack allows you to create a digital space where your team can come together to collaborate, vital data can be shared by the right people, and information can be channeled when and where you need it. A basic version of Slack is available free of charge and the paid versions start from only €6.25 per month.

3. Accounting – Xero

You can’t run a startup without having your accounts in order and at the tip of your fingers. The Xero app is easy to use, with every feature a startup needs to manage the ins and outs of a companies accounts. Accept payments, manage company assets, pay your team, or send out quotes to new potential clients, and all from the palm of your hand. At Holton & Company we use and recommend Xero (but we are not paid to do so!)

4. Notes – Pocket

Save articles to read later, store videos and stories from any website, page or app. Create your own learning-zone filled with everything to help enrich your understanding of the world.The data your save can be made available offline and you can read or listen without any distractions, on any device. The subscription fees start from a meagre $4.99 per month.

5. Time Tracker – Clockify

This data-rich app is a feature packed time tracker to help freelancers, teams, and organisations manage and monitor time spent on projects. It works on all devices and syncs effortlessly and the best part is that it’s free, with no limit on the number of users. At Holton & Company we use and recommend Clockify (also not paid to do so!)

6. Project Management – Basecamp

As a cross between Slack and Wunderlist, Basecamp allows you to create and share to-do lists with your team, follow up on tasks, add notes and attachments, communicate with your team on specific projects, create message boards, create team-wide schedules, and a lot more. Their pricing structure is different for most: one-price-fits-all for $99 fully inclusive (no matter how big your team).

7. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – Streak

A CRM system that matches your operations is essential to manage every aspect of your business development and beyond. Streak lets organisations to develop business, track their sales pipeline, manage projects, coordinate hiring of new team members, and provide client support. Comprehensive intuitive, and easy to use, Streak is a superb option for startups with zero cost to individuals that want a simple CRM.

8. Social Meda Management – Hootsuite

To get noticed in the digital age, social media profiles are essential for a startup and running them can be a time-draining exercise. Hootsuite takes the hassle out of posting, managing, and analysing your social profiles. With a free month’s trial and starting from $25 a month, the Hootsuite platform is an efficient, cost effective way to maximise the potential of social media.