Web Design from Zero

After analysing your current web landscape, we start planning and designing your new website from the ground up.

Learning how people interact with your website and other digital assets allows us to design a user experience that converts your visitors into customers.

What’s included

  • Design & development;
  • 12 months web hosting;
  • 12 months email hosting;
  • SSL certificate;
  • Website security;
  • All updates for 12 months;
  • Daily web and email backups;
  • Lifetime image licensing;
  • Lifetime video licensing (as required)

What’s not included

  • Text/written content;
  • Domain name;
  • SEO.

Why web design matters

How your website looks is crucial to securing the business you want.

The design and layout for an estate agent’s website is different from one for a doctor’s surgery, for example. Website visitors have expectations of how a website should look and behave. A poorly designed website will have no consideration for corporate branding or the visitor flow. A well designed website will be built with these considerations at the forefront, along with other factors that contribute to creating an engaging web experience.

Why use WordPress?

The majority of Holton & Company’s web design and development is implemented in/with WordPress.

Our theme comes with 8 in-house plugins, which means that when there is an update, you’ll be sure to always have the latest version. In addition, with every purchase of Sartre, you get 6 months, 24/7 included premium support. WordPress is the name of the content management system (CMS) that contains the nuts and bolts of a website. It is super-search engine friendly, open-source, the code is built to a good standard, WordPress websites are fast loading, and changes can be made quickly.

Web design near me

Our offices are based in Birmingham, but we work with clients all over the UK.

The simple beauty of WordPress allows us to provide a completely online service, reducing our costs and allowing Holton & Company to provide you a professional, comprehensive website solution for £500.

Contact Holton & Co.

Whether you have a monumental project or simply a question about what we do, we are always happy to answer your queries.