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Our Linux-based web hosting provides rapid loading speeds, outstanding reliability and up-to-the-minute security.

Web hosting with SSL included

  • What's SSL?
    Secure socket layer (SSL) certification

    If you don’t know SSL certification already, it’s the little padlock (usually green) on the left of the web address. That little padlock tells you that the communication between you and a website is safe and protected from being intercepted by hackers. SSL is now TSL (Transport Layer Security) and not so long ago, Google started to de-list websites from search results that lacked a TSL or SSL certificate.

  • How much does an SSL/TSL certificate cost?
    Nothing. Nada. Zero.

    An SSL/TSL certificate can cost up to £300 per year, depending on the provider. For as long as you remain a hosting client of Holton & Company, we will never charge for providing a TSL certificate.

  • How come it's free?
    Let’s Encrypt

    We are part of the Let’s Encrypt project to secure every website, worldwide, free of charge. It would be unconscionable for us to charge a penny for a service that costs us only a minimum in time and nothing thereafter.

Which web hosting is best for startups and small businesses?

  • Data traffic
    How much will you need?

    We don’t expect you’ll be getting as much traffic as Google, however, we offer unlimited monthly data transfers just in case you do! We also offer unlimited storage as standard to our hosting clients.

  • Linux server
    Stable, secure, flexible.

    Our web servers run the industry standard Linux operating system. An open-source software developed for servers, Linux is known for stability, reliability, and security.

Can I switch web hosting companies?

  • Yes
    Depending on the length of time with your current provider.

    It usually takes 24 hours to make the changes necessary to switchover to Holton & Company hosting. If you have only just bought your domain, you may be tied to a minimum period before you can change hosting provider.

  • Is it very technical?
    It’s a little technical and a little time consuming

    But you don’t have to worry about any of it. We ensure you have almost zero downtime during the switchover (a couple of minutes, if it gets hairy) and once you’re with us, your website will be backed up daily, as well as your emails, and we keep backups on a two-month rolling basis (this can be extended upon request).

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